Jon OlesonJon Oleson recommends that Americans give careful thought to the legacy our kids are receiving as they grow up in the United States. Will they grow up contributing to the highly partisan and polarized environment we now experience? Or will they grow up modeling themselves after those who work together to solve problems and plan a future that acknowledges the different needs and perspectives that are the human reality?

What Legacy Are We Giving Our Kids? looks into the corners and crevices of American life—the everyday dynamics where Oleson sees legacies being created. As you create the legacy you want the kids in your life to receive, ponder and critique what you read in this book through the lens of your experience and values.

Two dollars from the sale of each book will be donated to nonprofit programs that help children and promote the sustainability of our environment.

Watch Jon Oleson’s interview on KARE-11 Television.

This short interview with Andrienne Broaddhus or KARE-11 television provides a good overview of why Jon wrote “What Legacy Are We Giving Our Kids?”